Turn Your Wedding Fantasy Into a Reality

Consult with a wedding planner in Palm Springs, CA and surrounding areas

Planning your own wedding is a challenge at best and a nightmare at worst. Make sure you can enjoy your big day by delegating the setup to a wedding planner in Palm Springs, California. A full-service wedding planner will listen to all your design wishes and make sure you get to experience them.

In The Event has the experience, connections and inside knowledge needed to help you get the venue and services you want at a price that fits your budget. Dial 760-636-1357 to start working with a wedding planner today.

What does a wedding planner do?

You've been imagining your wedding since you were a child. But having ideas is one thing. Making them a reality takes a lot of skill, experience and dedication. A wedding planner from In The Event can help you fulfill your vision by...

  • Finding the right dress
  • Settling on a color scheme
  • Working with a florist
  • Securing your venue
  • Creating a seating chart
  • Overseeing d├ęcor and catering

Our full-service wedding planner will manage everything down to the last detail.

Save time, save money and enjoy the wedding of your dreams by hiring a full-service wedding planner from In The Event.